Yap. Yesterday i went to a place with my old friend . and that makes i felt like i was 15 years old again. playing and having fun with her. so, i put that picture to start our journey :)

okay. we started with lunch at a restaurant. and i ordered a plain crepes with icing sugar, cinnamon and a lot of strawberries. pretty nice! :)

and it's an apple strudel. there's a baked apple, cinnamon, icing sugar and raisins. really nice :)

yaaapp. and this is my old friend. her name is anindhita indira :)

and we end this journey with 16 pieces of sushi:)



o6. 11. 10 kita dikasih kesempatan buat liat-liat karyanya seorang arsitek indonesia disalah satunya restaurant di bilangan sudirman, jakarta pusat. walaupun itu bukan karya berupa bangunan, tapi tetep menarik dan keren pastinya.

When i was there, they are preparing for a private party. Pink, purple and green make a wonderful colour.

it's a lamp made from an old pipe. just very simple and not a new one. but it's quite nice and cool. just think creative for a good one :)

And for the ceiling,they also use a simple material like plywood to cover the ceiling.

dramatically above simple ceiling

Another restaurant down there. i like the combination colours of the chair. simple but catchy.



HALOO!! ALOHA!! Ini adalah posting saya yang pertama.
Hello!! Aloha!! this is my first post

senang, haru, sedih, gembira rasanya. (haha) karena setelah cukup lama 'utak utik' sendirian, akhirnya bisa juga bikin blog :).
i feel happy, sad, miserable and exited.(haha) it's because after a long time i've been waiting and trying by my self, and finally i could create it. :)

Semoga kalian senang ya dengan kiriman saya terima kasih.selamat membaca:)
i hope you like my post. thank you. enjoy your read!!:)